Cassette brushes, airport cassette brushes

Cassette brush assembled on frost-resistant polypropylene or aluminum base stuffed with metal band or polypropylene filament. Base is made from frost-resistant VA-202 polypropylene.


Plastic base


Part №

700x300, 820x300, 840x240, 840x320, 840x340

2.2 mm.
Polypropylene VA-204E

0.45 mm.
Galvanized steel
Cassette brushes stuffed using filament with a diameter of 2.2 mm. made of frost-resistant VA-204E polypropylene and its analogs, or metal band with a diameter of 0.45 mm. fixed using a galvanization that prevents corrosion and increases the service life.
Size of full set of brushes depends on sweeper brand. Number of cassette brushes for sweeper is determined by the shaft length and the number of guide grooves provided on this shaft by developers of the cleaning equipment. Only fixed number of tapes can be installed on the shaft.

Guide for the selection of cassette brushes with metal or polypropylene pile for major brands of airfield sweepers are shown in the table below. If necessary, «RBR» company can manufacture and supply brushes of another specific sizes.
Sweeper brand Cassette size Cassette quantity
Bucher 840x320 mm. 126
Schmidt 700x300 mm. 86-126
Overaasen 820x300 mm. 148
Vammas 700x300 mm. 110-168
Boschung JetBroom 840x320 mm. 80
Boschung Kupper Weisser K-3200 840x240 mm. 50
Boschung CB-90 840x340 mm. 80
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